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LitSearch: Conversion to a relational schema

The following is the translation of the E/R Diagram into relations. Everything is in BCNF and 4NF.

Conversion of Entity Sets

Criticism(publication, url, synopsis, title)
Author(name, birth, death, description)
Period(region, era)
Works(id, title, year, length)

Conversion of Relationships

Pages(work, pageNumber)
WordContexts(work, pageNumber, position, actualText)
Instance(word, work, pageNumber, position)
Synonym(root, child)
WrittenIn(work, region, era)
Criticized(work, url)
WroteCriticism(author, url)
LivedIn(name, region, era)
WrittenBy(author, work)

Functional Dependencies

Criticism:    url -> publication, synopsis, title
Author:       name -> birth, death, description
Works:        id -> title, year, length
WordContexts: work, pageNumber, position -> actualText

Author: Keith Ito - September 2001