Data Mining Lecture Notes

Note: The material on data mining was partially repeated in 2003's edition of CS345. Links to the material from 2000 and the new material appear in The Main CS345 Page.

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Lecture Notes

These lecture notes refer to the material in the Assigned Readings and do not have attached citations. You may download the whole set (about 400Kb) in Postscript or PDF, or you may download sections by topic:

  1. Overview: Postscript; PDF.

  2. Association-Rule Mining: Postscript; PDF.

  3. Low-Support/High Correlation: Postscript; PDF.

  4. Query Flocks: Postscript; PDF.

  5. Searching the Web: Postscript; PDF.

  6. Web Mining: Postscript; PDF.

  7. Clustering, Part I: Postscript; PDF.

  8. Clustering, Part II: Postscript; PDF.

  9. Matching Sequences: Postscript; PDF.

  10. Mining Event Sequences: Postscript; PDF.

Assigned Readings

Note: some of these links require access to an electronic library, such as ACM's, and may not be available from non-Stanford machines.


  1. The Final Exam. Comments Regarding Solution to the exam.

  2. CS145 notes on Datalog. Postscript; PDF.

  3. ACM SIGKDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) home page.

  4. CS349 taught previously as data mining by Sergey Brin.

  5. Heikki Mannila's Papers at the University of Helsinki.

  6. The IBM Quest Project.

  7. Shinichi Morishita's Papers at the University of Tokyo. Also, his Recent Papers on genome mining.

  8. CACM, Nov., 1996 Special Issue on Data Mining.

  9. Univ. of Washington/Microsoft Summer, 1997 Institute on data mining.

  10. J. Gehrke. W.-Y. Loh, R. Ramamkrishnan, Tutorial on Classification from the 1999 KDD Conference. PDF.

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