Errata for Mining of Massive Datasets - Third Edition
    For errata in the first edition, please see The Errata Sheet for the First Edition.

    For errata in the second edition, please see The Errata Sheet for the Second Edition.

    Page numbers refer to the pages in the book's hardcopy edition, not the downloads. We shall endeavor to keep the downloads up-to-date.

    SectionLocationProblemReported ByDate Reported
    10.6 p. 378, second line of Example 10.25 "approximate" Michael D. Salerno 5/31/21
    10.6 p. 382, Exercise 10.6.8(a), l. 2 missing } at end Michael D. Salerno 5/31/21
    12.3.1 p. 464, l. 15 "that" should be "than" Michael D. Salerno 5/31/21
    Ch. 13 p. 498, l. 8 of text right parenthesis after "nodes" Michael D. Salerno 5/31/21
    13.5.3 p. 536, first line of footnote 11 yq should be y1. 1/18/20