If you are reading my pages with an eye to engaging in the NIAC vendetta, please be advised that I will not read your email, but I will archive it in case I decide later that I need to take legal action or turn the matter over to the police.

Also, please read the document carefully, and do not take Mr. Hojabri's bizarre interpretation seriously. In particular, I have been accused of "racism" on the basis of my document, which is an absurd conclusion. Rather, as my email mentioned by Hojabri stated, I would (hypothetically) elect not to help a student from Iran gain admission to Stanford ahead of more qualified students, were such a thing possible (which it is not). It is my choice, after all, and my reasons are purely political. I suspect that many NIAC members boycott Israeli products, regardless of whether the manufacturer supports the present Israeli government (and they act in the real world, not my hypothetical world). Are they guilty of racism?

To make Mr. Hojabri's misreading of my article even more ridiculous, the end of the second paragraph clearly states my admiration for Iranian students I have known at Stanford. Stanford policy, as well as my own ethics, dictates that all Stanford students in my classes or who come in contact with me in any way are treated in a uniform matter. In fact, when I grade my class, I do so from a spreadsheet that omits names, leaving only scores. That protects me from inadvertently downgrading a student for any reason (e.g., they've been obnoxious in class), not just their race, gender, or ethnicity.