Stanford W. Ascherman

Stanford was born August 18, 1926, in Chicago, Illinois.

He attended William Hatch School in Oak Park and New Trier Township High School, later attending Stanford University from 1945-1947.

He served an internship in pathology at Cook County Hospital from 1951-1952. He took residency training in general surgery at Bellevue Hospital, New York, 1952-1953, Mount Sinai Hospital, New YOrk, 1953-1954, and Bronx Municipal Hospital, New York, 1954-1956.

Dr. Ascherman attained the rank of MC in the U.S. Air Force, serving from 1956-1959. He was stationed in Illinois, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Morocco.

Since 1959 he has had a private solo practice in San Francisco.

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Other Interests

Opal mining in Australia.

Retrospective Views

``It has been 40 years; what have I been doing? I have spent more on attorneys' fees than I ever hoped to earn when I left medical school (not to say that the attorneys earned those fees). I never knew that I would know more about WRITS than I would know about WRISTS. When someone mentions a physician's judgment to me, the first thing I think of is: What court was it entered and how much did the physician collect? I have spent more time in the courtroom (even though I am a relatively busy surgeon) than I have in the operating room.''