Information on Calling Cards

Making phone calls using calling cards is often more expensive than calling from your home phone. However, calling cards can be used from any touch-tone telephone, and they are especially useful when you are traveling.

In some cases, making a call using some calling card is even cheaper than calling directly from a home phone.

Important: Before you buy any pre-paid calling cards, read this .

For pre-paid calling cards (usually the cheapest), I would recommend They offer high-quality, pre-paid, rechargeable phone card service, with very competitive rates to many countries.

Other pre-paid calling card retailers I've used before:

However, be aware that some of the cards may charge you more than what you think. "Phonecard ONE" (sold by is notorious for this. For example, they claimed to have a 1.9c per minute domestic rate, with 39c connection fee, but every time they charge you a lot more, sometimes as high as twice that rate. So try to avoid "Phonecard ONE" or any card by "Ultimate Communications" whenever you can. Also, watch out for hidden charges such as "weekly maintenance fee".

Calling cards that do not require pre-payment are usually more expensive.

Last Updated: January 22, 2003

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