News Archive
Updated Link-based Categorization Paper
August 5, 2007
A new version of the link-based categorization technical report is now available on the publications page.
Ph.D. Dissertation Oral Defense
May 29, 2007
My Ph.D. dissertation oral defense will be on June 6. The title of the dissertation is Applications of Web Link Analysis. Here is the talk announcement (PDF).
Paper on Tag Spam
February 28, 2007
Just as it happened to the originally innocent World Wide Web, popular tagging systems, like and Flickr, might soon become the targets of spammers. A new technical report that I've been collaborating on proposes several models to assess just how serious a problem tag spamming could become. You will find more details on the publications page.
New Photo Albums
February 2, 2007
I posted some older photos of my trip to Korea in September 2006 and some newer pictures taken in the San Francisco Zoo.
Summer Course on Database Systems Principles
January 15, 2007
During the summer quarter, I will be teaching CS 245 Database Systems Principles. While I will be honoring the traditional format and content of the class, I plan to spice things up a bit, for instance by discussing some new special-purpose database architectures as well. See the Computer Science Department's course catalog for details.
Link-based Categorization Paper
June 26, 2006
Recently I've been giving some thought to using link information in web page categorization. You can find the related technical report on the publications page.
Link Spam Detection Paper
October 31, 2005
Check out the new technical report Link Spam Detection Based on Mass Estimation on the publications page.
Computer Magazine Article on Web Spam
October 3, 2005
The October issue of the IEEE Computer Magazine features an overview article on web spam by me and Hector. The article is available for download from here (subscription required).
May 20, 2005
I finally posted several photo albums. Along some old pictures taken at Stanford, Half Moon Bay, and Paris, the freshest and largest set is from my recent trip to Japan.
CS 347 Transaction Processing and Distributed Databases
March 28, 2005
This quarter I am TAing CS 347 Transaction Processing and Distributed Databases. This is a graduate-level class addressing distributed data management. Please visit the class website for details.
CS 245 Database Systems Principles
January 12, 2005
This quarter I am TAing CS 245 Database Systems Principles. This is a senior/graduate-level class covering database implementation issues. Please visit the class website for details.