Tree of Students of Prof. Forest Baskett, for the Stanford Computer History Exhibits

We'd like to eventually list all Stanford CSD PhD students and their students, with current locations and email. Send updates by email to: (Gio Wiederhold).
Started 2004, under construction. All data to be verified.

Prof. Forest Baskett

Prof. Baskett received a PhD from the University of Texas in Austin and spent some time after that at Xerox' Palo Alto Research Center. He joined Stanford's Computer Science department in 1971. He took a leave in 1979 to build an Operating System for the Cray Computer. Forest left in 1982 to start and direct the Western Research Laboratory of Digital Equipment Corporation, continuing as a consulting professor. In 1886 he joined SGI as CTO. Since 1999 he is a venture partner at New enterprise Associate (NEA).

    year-of-PhD Name (last known location,email)
  1. 1973? Samuel H. Fuller [not on CS list] (DEC < >)
  2. ? Michael Powell?
  3. 1980 Tom McWilliams (LLL, Valid Logic, Key Computer, Amdahl, Sun, Pathscale)
  4. 1980? David Boggs? (EE?)
  5. 1981 Paul Michael Farmwald (Rambus < >)
  6. 1981 Curt Widdoes (Valid Logic )
  7. DNF Andy Bechtolsheim (1982 SUN)
  8. 1990 Tracy Larrabee (DEC, UCSC )

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