Notes and pictures taken while planning the Stanford Computer History Exhibits

The Living Legends [Ed Feigenbaum's term]

A meeting was held at the home of Prof. Feigenbaum on 23 March 1997 to collect information about the early days of the department.

A display documenting the establishment of the Stanford Computer Science Department is being planned for the opening of the museum section in the Gates building for September 1997. Early faculty present were (Stanford dates will be further validated). Also their students who graduated before 1975 will be shown here. Full trees are now in the list.

Missing founders were (approximate dates)

Also attending the meeting were Randy Davis, Sally Herriott, Pat Miller, Penny Nii, Voy Wiederhold, and Andy Kacsmar, who recorded the discussions on tape.

We have Pictures here of

  1. The group: Herriot, Wiederhold, McCarthy, Knuth, Floyd, Feigenbaum
  2. McCarthy, Feigenbaum
  3. Floyd, Golub, Miller, and Herriot
  4. Herriot, Wiederhold, Knuth
  5. Knuth, McCarthy, Feigenbaum, Sally Herriot
  6. Wiederhold, Knuth, McCarthy
  7. Floyd, Golub. Miller
  8. Herriot, Wiederhold, Knuth
  9. McCarthy, Davis, Feigenbaum
  10. Kacsmar, Nii
  11. Davis, Golub, McCarthy, Herriot
  12. Feigenbaum, Miller
  13. Pat and Bill Miller, Nii
  14. Knuth, Herriot, Feigenbaum, Golub
  15. Floyd, Golub, Miller, and Herriot