DB Group Affairs


Project Description
BioACT! Help biodiversity researchers acquire digital materials, manage their holdings, and disseminate the knowledge
CourseRank Course recommendation system for students
PORTIA Privacy, obligations, and rights in technologies of information assessment
Digital Libraries Infrastructure and services for creating, disseminating, sharing and managing information
Information Privacy Providing privacy guarantees in databases and data mining
WSMS A general-purpose Web-Service management system
STREAM A Data Stream Management System
Peers Building primitives for peer-to-peer systems
DataMotion Managing and analyzing large volumes of dynamic and diverse data
TRAPP Approximate data caching: trading precision for performance
CHAIMS Compiling High-level Access Interfaces for Multi-site Software
LIC Large-Scale Interoperation and Composition
OntoAgents Ontology based Infrastructure for Agents
Lore A Database Management System for XML
SKC Scalable Knowledge Composition
TID Image Filtering for Secure Distribution of Medical Information
MIDAS Mining Data at Stanford
TSIMMIS Wrapping and mediation for heterogenous information sources
WHIPS Data warehouse creation and maintenance
WSQ Integrating database queries and Web searches
Image Database Content-based Image Retrieval
SIMQL Software modules in manufacturing, acquisition, and planning systems
Global InfoBase Ubiquitous and universal information resource

 Current Projects