Development Information

This is a working document describing the ongoing struggles with the TSIMMIS project. It lists information and documents relevant for project management and for implementation. For public information such as release documentation or on-line demonstrations please follow the TSIMMIS project links.

Project Management

  1. General TSIMMIS status overview
  2. Summaries of Meetings & Code Reviews
  3. Unresolved Issues (Check Weekly!)
  4. Resolved Issues
  5. TSIMMIS Architecture
  6. Publications


  1. Quick Primer on CVS (currently Lore specific)
  2. Guidelines for coding
  3. Individual Components

    1. Wrappers

    2. MedMaker

    3. SSL/CSL

    4. MOBIE

      • LOREL-MSL translator
      • Dynamic help pages
      • Propagation of status information from sources to user

  4. Directory structure for source code
  5. Complete list of error codes

  6. Demo

    1. TSIMMIS v. 0
    2. TSIMMIS v. 1.0

Last updated: 1997-Aug-26
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