Fall Schedule 2000
CS 545

Organized by: Gio Wiederhold and Stefan Decker

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TIME: Fridays, 3:15pm until 4:30pm. Please arrive 5 min. early to sign in!

201 T-Seq, right across the street from the Gates Information Sciences building
(NOT in 420-050)
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Seminar Schedule

This quarter the talks will focus on Ontologies, E-Commerce, XML, Metadata, and the Semantic Web.
The title of the talks link to an abstract and a short biography.




29 September 2000

Information Pragmatics: Lessons for the web from human languages
(slides in Powerpoint format)
NAME Chris Manning
AFFILIATION Stanford University

6 October 2000

Annotated Schemata - Providing XML Views over Relational Data
(slides in Powerpoint format)
NAME Michael Rys

13 October 2000

Digital Workflow Concepts for Dynamic Reference Works
(talk material)
NAME Edward N. Zalta
AFFILIATION Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford University

20 October 2000

Web, Semantics, OIL and FUEL: Semantic Interoperability and learning on the Web
(slides in Powerpoint format)
NAME Amit Sheth
AFFILIATION University of Georgia and Taalee Inc

27 October 2000

Technology for Superimposed Information
(slides in Powerpoint format)
NAME Lois M. L. Delcambre
AFFILIATION Oregon Graduate Institue of Science and Technology

3 November 2000

Generic Model Management - Why We Need It and How to Get There
(slides in html or Powerpoint format)
NAME Phil Bernstein

10 November 2000

Semantic Gadgets - Extending the Semantic Web to Physical Devices
(slides in Powerpoint format)
NAME Ora Lassila
AFFILIATION Nokia Research

17 November 2000

Building Petabyte Databases -- Commodity SuperComputing and SuperStorage
(slides in html or Powerpoint format)
NAME Jim Gray

1 December 2000

Clio: A Tool for Data Mapping via Query Discovery
(slides in html or Powerpoint format)
NAME Laura Haas
AFFILIATION IBM Almaden Research Center

8 December 2000

Incremental Interoperability and an Industrial Revolution: Why Data Interoperability Fails, and How We Can Do Better
(slides in Powerpoint format and a Paper in Word format)
NAME Arnon S. Rosenthal

Attendance at all but one session entitles enrolled students to 1 unit of credit. If you have to miss another session contact Stefan Decker for compensatory work.

By signing the attendance sheet circulated in class participants signify that they participated fully in that lecture. Signing and not participating is a breach of the Stanford Honor code.

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