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CS 545

Organized by: Gio Wiederhold and Stefan Decker

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TIME: Fridays, 3:15pm until 4:30pm. Please arrive 5 min. early to sign in!

Changed Location: Braun Auditorium in the Seely G. Mudd Chemistry Building

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Seminar Schedule

This quarter the talks will focus on Databases and the Semantic Web.
The title of the talks link to an abstract and a short biography.




6 April 2001

Challenges in Web Search Engines NAME Monika Henzinger

13 April 2001

Automated Ontology Merging and Alignment

(slides in Powerpoint format)

NAME Natasha Fridman Noy
AFFILIATION Stanford Medical Informatics

20 April 2001

Data Dissemination, Recharging, and Other Things to do with User Profiles
(slides in Powerpoint format)
NAME Michael Franklin

27 April 2001

Overview of the IBM ProbE Data Mining Engine
NAME Edwin Pednault
AFFILIATION IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

4 May 2001

Toto, We'are Not in Kansas Anymore: On Transitioning from Research to the Real World
NAME Mike Carey

11 May 2001

Personal information agents for travel e-commerce
(slides in Powerpoint format)
NAME Boi Faltings
AFFILIATION Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne

18 May 2001

Mobilizing the Semantic Web with DAML-Enabled Web Services
(slides in Powerpoint format)
NAME Sheila McIlraith
AFFILIATION Stanford University, KSL

25 May 2001

Towards the Data Web
NAME Ramanathan V. Guha

1 June 2001

Explaining drugs to a computer, and helping that computer explain them to its friends: Early experience with scalable knowledge base development and implications for the Semantic Web
NAME Mark S. Tuttle

Attendance at all but one session entitles enrolled students to 1 unit of credit. If you have to miss another session contact Stefan Decker for compensatory work.

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