DATABASE SEMINAR: Spring Schedule 1999 
CS 545
Organized by: Gio Wiederhold and Michel Bilello

Seminar Information

TIME: Fridays, 3:15pm until 4:30pm. Please arrive 5 min. early to sign in!
LOCATION & DIRECTIONS: Gates Information Sciences, Room B-12

Seminar Schedule

This quarter the talks will focus on Internet and Databases.

2 April 1999 Cloudscape Synchronization Application Architecture
(slides in html)
NAME Ames Carlson
AFFILIATION Cloudscape Inc.
9 April 1999 Digital Library or Digital Store: 
Will There be Free Libraries in the Digital Age?
(slides in html)
NAME Barbara Simons
AFFILIATION Association for Computing Machinery
16 April 1999 Databases for Collaborative Ecology Research,
Role of the Internet in the Canopy Science Database
(slides in html)
NAME Judy Cushing
AFFILIATION The Evergreen State College
23 April 1999 XML: A Revolution Unfolds
(slides in html)
NAME Michael Rys
30 April 1999 A survey of micropayment technologies, and the MilliCent system
(slides in html)
NAME Mark S. Manasse
AFFILIATION Compaq Systems Research Center 
7 May 1999 DiDP the emerging Database Standard
(slides in html)
NAME Karsten Noack
14 May 1999 Scalable Java inside Oracle 8i
(slides in html)
NAME Matthieu Devin
21 May 1999 Open Standards, Open Source: A Move Towards Convergence
(slides in html)
NAME Carl Cargill
28 May 1999 Behind the Scenes at a Web Portal
(slides not made available)
NAME Udi Manber
4 June 1999 All the news that's fit to NNTP
NAME Landon Curt Noll

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Attendance at all but one session entitles enrolled students to 1 unit of credit. If you have to miss another session contact Michel Bilello for compensatory work.

By signing the attendance sheet circulated in class participants signify that they participated fully in that lecture. Signing and not participating is a breach of the Stanford Honor code.

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