CS545 - Stanford InfoSeminar 2011

The InfoSeminar is held during the winter quarter only. It is organized by Jennifer Widom and sponsored by the Stanford Computer Forum.

DateSpeakerTitle (link to abstract)BioSlides
Jan. 7 Christopher Olston, Yahoo! Research Programming and Debugging Large-Scale Data Processing Workflows bio slides (pdf)
Jan. 14 Christopher Re, University of Wisconsin Hazy: A Relational Operator-based Approach to Statistical Data Analysis bio slides (pptx)
Jan. 21 Christos Faloutsos, Carnegie-Mellon University / Google Mining Billion-node Graphs: Patterns and Tools bio slides (pdf)
Jan. 28 Todd J. Green, UC Davis Efficiently Supporting Changes to Declarative Schema Mappings bio slides (pptx)
Feb. 4 Michael Carey, UC Irvine ASTERIX: Towards a Scalable, Semistructured Data Platform for Evolving World Models bio slides (pptx)
Feb. 11 AnHai Doan, University of Wisconsin / Kosmix Human-Centric Challenges in Building and Using Structured Web Databases bio slides (pptx)
Feb. 18 Mor Naaman, Rutgers University Emotion, Tie Persistence and Network Structure on Twitter bio slides (pdf)
Feb. 25 Hakan Hacigumus, NEC Labs CloudDB: A Data Store for All Sizes in the Cloud bio slides (pdf)
March 4 Tim Kraska, UC Berkeley CrowdDB: Answering Queries with Crowdsourcing bio slides (pdf)
March 11 Andrew Tomkins, Google User Modeling on the World Wide Web bio slides (pdf)