Stanford InfoSeminar
Winter 2013
Infoseminar is a weekly event held at Stanford that brings together people who are interested databases, big data and other interesting computer science topics.



The Stanford InfoSeminar is held during the winter quarter only. It is organized by Jure Leskovec and sponsored by the Stanford Computer Forum.


Date Speaker Title (link to abstract) Bio Slides
Jan 11 2013 Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Google Understanding the Web using Large-Scale Knowledge Repositories bio
Jan 18 2013 Jeff Dean, Google Large-Scale Data and Computation: Challenges and Opportunities bio slides
Jan 25 2013 Jeffrey Heer, Stanford University Interactive Data Analysis bio slides
Feb 1 2013 Sinan Aral, NYU Stern Measuring and Propagating Influence in Networks bio
Feb 8 2013 Pankaj Gupta, Twitter Graph algorithms and systems at Twitter bio
Feb 15 2013 Rakesh Agrawal, MSR Search Labs Reimagining Textbooks Through the Data Lens bio slides
Feb 22 2013 Rayid Ghani, Obama Campaign The Role of Data and Analytics in the Presidential Elections bio
Mar 1 2013 Jose Blakeley, MSR Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse - Architecture Overview bio
Mar 8 2013 Ion Stoica, Berkeley Taming Big Data with BDAS (Berkeley Data Analytics Stack) bio slides
Mar 15 2013 Eric Horvitz, MSR People, Data, and Computing bio