Results from the Stanford Computer Industry Project

Since 1994, Barr and Tessler have been co-directing a study of the worldwide software industry at Stanford University's Computer Industry Project, (SCIP) on a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. This four year project has systematically identified and analyzed the issues that will shape the commercial use of software, including piracy, patents, antitrust, project management, the Internet, globalization, litigation, software quality and project failures. Since the fall of 1996, their study has focused on the ramifications of the shortage of talented software people throughout the world.

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Avron Barr and Shirley Tessler are consultants to the software industry. Ms. Tessler has degrees from Wharton and Stanford in Finance and Computer Science. Much of her career has been in commercial banking and corporate finance. Mr. Barr studied Computer Science at Stanford, edited the four-volume Handbook of Artificial Intelligence, and co-founded a Silicon Valley software start-up in 1981. They are now principals of Aldo Ventures, Inc., a strategy consulting firm.

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