Security Table Definition... (continued)

Security Table Definition... (continued)

Security Function Object Name Object Value

Validate_text table.column invalid_words

Min_Rows_Retrieved ALL/clique integer

Num_Queries_Segment ALL/segment integer

Query_Intersection_Clique ALL/clique integer

Query_Intersection_Segment ALL/segment integer

Secure_Keyword_Clique ALL/clique keyword

Secure_Keyword_Segment ALL/segment keyword

Session_Time ALL/clique TIME

User_Hours_Start ALL/clique start_time

User_Hours_End ALL/clique end_time

Segment_Hours_Start ALL/segment start_time

Segment_Hours_End ALL/segment end_time

Limit_Function_Clique ALL/clique function_name

Gio Wiederhold TIHI Oct96 *

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