Tree of Pat Hanarahan' students for the Computer History Exhibits

Started 2004. We'd like to add current locations and email. Send updates by email to: (Gio Wiederhold).

Professor Pat Hanrahan (at Stanford - now)

    year-of-PhD Name (last known location, email)
  1. 2000 Tamara Munzner [CS] (UBC <munzner at cs>)
  2. 2000 Homam Igehy [EE, CIS] ( <email >)
  3. 2001 Brad Johanson [EE, CIS] ( <email >)
  4. 2002 Maneesh Agrawala [CS] (Microsoft Res. <maneesh at>>)
  5. finished? Kekoa Proudfoot [EE, CIS] ( <email >)

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