\ Ernst Mayr Student Tree

Ernst Mayr Student Tree

The tree of Ernst W. Mayr students for the Computer History Exhibits.

We'd like to add current locations and email. Send updates by email to: gio@cs.stanford.edu (Gio Wiederhold).

Professor Ernst Mayr (at Stanford 198x-199x, left for the Technical University in Munich, Germany)

Ernst Mayer received his PhD from Manfred Paul at the Technical University, Munich, in 1980. Manfred Paul received his PhD from F.L. Bauer in Mainz, in 1962.
  1. 1984 Tom H. Spencer (<>)
  2. 1985 R.M. King [Not Stanford, Rutgers Un.] (<>)
  3. 1986 Richard J. Anderson (<>)
  4. 1987 Dave Helmbold (UCSC <>)
  5. 1989 Greg Plaxton (UT Austin <plaxton at cs.utexas.edu>)
      Prof. Plaxton, Univ. Texas, Austin
    1. 1993 Sanjoy K. Baruah - Co-supervised by Al Mok (Univ. North Carolina <baruah at cs.unc.edu>)
    2. 1994 Torsten Suel (NEC, Bell Labs, Brooklyn Poly <suel at poly.edu>)
    3. 1997 Rajmohan Rajaraman (DIMACS, North Eastern Univ. <rrj at ccs.neu.edu>)
    4. 1999 Madhukar Korupolu(IBM < >)
    5. 2002 Ramgopal Mettu (Dartmouth Univ. <ramgopal at cs.dartmouth.edu>)
    6. 2004 Xiaozhou Li (Microsoft < >)
  6. 1989 Ashok Subramanian (<ashok at cs>)
  7. 1990 Arif Merchant (<merchant at cs>)
  8. 1992 Alex Wang (<axwang at cs>)
    in Frankfurt
  9. 1993 Katja Lenz
  10. 1994 Ralph Werchner in Munich

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