Photographs of the S-1 Mark II at LLNL

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The Stanford Computer History Pages now include S-1 project information.
A list of project participants has been created.
There are also some S-1 hardware pictures.
Pictures of S-1 project participants at a party in 2006.
Pictures and dimensions of S-1 Mark I at CHM are also on-line.

S-1 Mark II Computer

Pictures taken November 2009
1:Boxes at LLNL 22 Dec 2009 - full size list
2:S-1 Mark IIA layout - full size sketch
3:S-1 Mark IIA Crossbar switch, memory layout - full size sketch
4:Vistors to LLNL 22 Dec 2009 - full size
rear: Andrew Weisberg, Jeff Rubin, HW Chin, Bill Newman,Erik Gilbert. Jeff Wisoff (NASA, NIF),
front: Lowell Wood, Maxine Trost, Gio Wiederhold, Nancy Peterson, Voy Wiederhold,
inserted: Mike Farmwald, Gloria Purpura (LLNL),
missing: Tom Rindfleisch.
5:S-1 Mark II in its box - full size source
6:S-1 MarkII A memory in box? - full size source (also shows Mark I)
7:S-1 Mark I memory and I-O system ? - full size source

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