Tree of Roger Schank's Stanford students for the Computer History Exhibits

This tree is incomplete, we'd like to add students, as well as current locations and email. Send updates by email to: (Gio Wiederhold).

Professor Roger Schank

PhD 1969 Univ. of Texas, Austin. At Stanford 1968-1973, left for Yale Univ., later NorthWestern Univ., now (2002) with CMU West (<>) .

    year-of-PhD Name (last known location, email)
  1. Jan. 1974 Neil Goldman [SAIL, CS] (< > )
  2. June 1974 Charles (Chuck) Rieger [SAIL 1970-1973, CS] (<chuck.rieger at>)
  3. June 1974 Chris Riesbeck (SAIL, CS <>)
  4. At Yale
  5. 1978 Robert Wilensky (UC Berkeley)
  6. 1989 Ashwin Ram (GAtech)
  7. Janet Kolodner (GATech)

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