Tree of Harold Stone's students at Stanford for the Computer History Exhibits

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Professor Harold Stone, EE & CS (at Stanford -1976, left for IBM Research?; Cornell Univ; NEC Princeton Research Laboratory)

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    year-of-PhD Name (last known location, email)
  1. 1973 Dave Wortman, co-advised by Bill McKeeman <dw at>>
      Professor Wortman, Univ of Toronto 1970-today:
    1. 1974 E.C.R. Hehner (CSD, Univ. Toronto <hehner at>)
    2. 1976 R.N.S. Horspool (CSD, Univ. Victoria (BC) <nigelh at>).
    3. 1980 W.D. Elliott (Cinebase Software <david at>).
    4. 1984 S.J. Greenspan, joint supervision with Prof. J. Mylopoulos (GTE Information Systems <Greenspan at>).
    5. 1984 M.W. Green, joint supervision with Prof. R.M. Baecker (DCS, Univ. Alberta <mark at>).
    6. 1993 B. Yu (Trinity Western Univ., BC <byu at>).

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