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Simplest System

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Figure: Cost of Simple Computations

Consider the simplest system consisting of two components with no replication. The traditional architecture and the noemic architecture are in Figure gif on page  gif.

Let a be the cost of each component in the calculation. Let c be the cost of communication. The simple computation is done in one element using the traditional engineering paradigm. In a Noema, the calculation must be split into two elements forming a cycle. Each element only performs part of the calculation and only by looking at the whole can we describe the role of each component.

The comparison results are shown in Table gif on page  gif. The Noema performs worse when compared with the traditional computation with regards to the costs of calculation, latency, through put, and resources. The Noema, however, shows elaboration tolerance.

The Noema is harder and more complex to establish than a more traditional system but once the Noema is established it can be easily changed. This will be a constant theme throughout the rest of the examples.

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Table: Comparison for Simple Computations

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