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Rational Objectory Methodology

Figure 4.4: The Rational Objectory Methodology.
{\includegraphics[bb=-20 226 634 566,width=7.5in,height=3.7in]{objectory.eps}}

The Rational Objectory [#!objectory!#], [#!oose!#]   is a full life cycle software engineering methodology. Rational Objectory is an iterative process governed by requirements management. Rational Objectory activities create and maintain models to aid the developer in supporting the methodology.

The Rational Objectory software engineering methodology can be described in two dimensions: time and process components. The time dimension represents the dynamic aspect of the process and is expressed in terms of cycles, phases, iterations and milestones. The process component dimension is described in terms of process components, activities, workflows, artifacts, and workers. See Figure 4.4 on page [*] from [#!objectory!#].


Ronald LeRoi Burback