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INDUSTRY CONSULTANT - Further information upon request
August 1998 - present

RESEARCH ASSOCIATE - Computer Science Dept., Stanford University
August 1998 - present

RESEARCH ASSISTANT - Computer Science Dept., University of Wyoming
August 1996 - August 1998
Funded graduate student/researcher. NSF funded research on multidisciplinary optimizations, primarily in distributed UNIX environments. Supervised undergraduate researchers during research period.

SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR - Computer Science Dept., University of Wyoming
July 1996 - August 1998
Windows NT administrator. Developed domain from ground up. Maintenance of applications and security for multiple-use environment. Supported faculty needs for research and teaching.

SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR - Chemical & Petroleum Engr. Dept., University of Wyoming
June 1995 - September 1996
Promoted from department accountant to computer system administrator. Maintain 50 machine network, including student laboratories, data acquisition machines, and PCs. Troubleshoot hardware and software. Administer 200+ accounts. Administration and creation of web pages. Internet and Intranet connectivity maintenance.

RESEARCHER/PROGRAMMER - Planetary and Space Sciences Program, NASA
June 1995 - May 1996
Researcher funded by NASA grant. Programming X-Windows interfaces for planetary and satellite simulation. Implemented quad-tree structure for database manipulation. Manipulation of RA/DEC/MAG data for stellar positioning.

OWNER - Up & Running Computers, Laramie, WY
July 1994 - August 2000
Sales tax license issued 8-19-94
Computer hardware and software retailer. Consultant on networking solutions. Custom programming. Instructional assistance to personal computer users.

CLEAN ROOM INSPECTOR - Maxtor Corporation, Longmont, Colorado
Summer 1993
Level II Inspector, performing receiving inspection of micro-electronic components for use in hard drives. Quality control to C=0 and ANSI standards. Controlled clean room environment. Use of 25000x optical scanning equipment, Wyco magnetic head test (MHT) equipment, and disk media/head test stations.