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Stanford University
Gates Computer Science, rm 426
Stanford, CA 94305
Work Phone: (650) 723-9684
Fax: (650)-725-2588

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Independent Study Opportunities
Web Archive Cooperative: Make Web archives useful today
WebBase: Web archive and crawl feeds
BioACT: Tools for biodiversity researchers (project finished)


Dr. Andreas Paepcke is a Senior Research Scientist and director of the Digital Library Project at Stanford University. His interests include user interfaces for small devices, novel Web search facilities, and browsing facilities for digital artifacts that are difficult to index. With his group of students he has designed and implemented WebBase, an experimental storage and high speed dissemination system for Web contents. His work on small devices has focused on novel methods for summarizing and transforming Web pages, and on browsing images on small displays. Dr. Paepcke has served on numerous program committees, including a position as Vice Program Chair, heading the World-Wide Web Conference's 'Browsers and User Interfaces' program track, and as Program Chair for the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2008. He served on several National Science Foundation proposal evaluation panels and was co-founding associate editor of ACM Transactions on the Web. Dr. Paepcke received BS and MS degrees in applied mathematics from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Previously, he worked as a researcher at Hewlett-Packard Laboratory, and as a research consultant at Xerox PARC. He has served on a number of technical advisory boards for startup companies.

Current research interests

As part of our Web Archive Cooperative I focus on tools for allowing historians, sociologists, and political scientists to analyze Web archives without a Computer Science background. Here is a narrated PowerPoint of ArcSpread, an architecture around a spreadsheet metaphor through which Web archives are analyzed.