Academic work — Talks

Quality Control for Comparison Microtasks

CrowdKDD 2012, Beijing, China, August 2012

Algorithms in Crowdsourcing Environments

KAUST InfoCloud lunch, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, May 2012

Max Algorithms in Crowdsourcing Environments

WWW 2012, Lyon, France, April 2012

CRSI: A Compact Randomized Similarity Index for Set-Valued Features

EDBT 2012, Berlin, Germany, March 2012

Hyper-Local, Directions-Based Ranking of Places

VLDB 2011, Seattle, USA, September 2011

On the Selection of Tags for Tag Clouds

WSDM 2011, Hong Kong, China, February 2011

Set Similarity Indexing

IBM Almaden, Almaden, USA, September 2008

Indexing for Proximity Queries in Arbitrary Subspaces of Multidimensional Data

NTUA, Athens, Greece, July 2007