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My new hobby: Chinese calligraphy (taken in Beijing, Jan 1997, click to enlarge)
Taken in Hong Kong in 1992
Taken in the U.S. with my advisor Prof. Loo-keng Hua (earlier 1980s)
(left to right: me, my brother-in-law, Hua, my sister, Hua's doctor)

Welcome to this World-Wide Web page. This home page is provided by my second son James Z. Wang. Thank you for your reading!

I was born in Hang Zhou, Zhe Jiang Province of China on April 29, 1930. I am a citizen of the People's Republic of China. I graduated from Department of Mathematics, Zhe Jiang University in 1952. Currently I work as a professor in the Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica of China. Along with other things, I have contributed to the effort of proving the Goldbach Conjecture. Click to see a full list of my major technical publications (collected by Prof. Zhujia Lu).

Yuan Wang

王元, 中国科学院院士
March 1995

My Research

The following is a list of my books published outside Mainland China. They are available in major libraries. Click to see a full list of my major technical publications.

Major Academic Visits (over one month each time)

(Portraits, taken by James Z. Wang, Beijing, May 2001, July 2002, July 2002, December 2004, December 2004, copyright reserved)

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