Terry Winograd

Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University 
Gates Computer Science 3B, Room 388
Stanford CA 94305-9035
Phone (650) 723-2780, Fax (650) 723-0033
Administrator: Heather Gentner, 724-6865
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Professional Interests 

Professor Winograd's focus is on human-computer interaction design, with a focus on the theoretical background and conceptual models. He directs the teaching programs in Human-Computer Interaction. and HCI research in the Stanford Interactivity Lab. He is also a principal investigator in the Stanford Digital Libraries Project..

Winograd was a founding member and past president of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.. He is on the national advisory board of the Association for Software Design and a number of journal editorial boards, including the Journal of Human Computer Interaction, Computer-Supported Cooperative WorkPersonal and Ubiquitous Computing, and Informatica


Courses taught 2001-2002 

Information last updated September 22, 2001