DATABASE SEMINAR: Fall Schedule 1997
CS 545
Organized by: Gio Wiederhold and Michael Rys

Seminar Information

TIME: Fridays, 3:15pm until 4:30pm. Please arrive 5 min. early to sign in!
LOCATION & DIRECTIONS: Gates Information Sciences, Room B-12

Seminar Schedule

This quarter many talks will focus on Data Warehousing, large secondary data collections used for On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP).

The following are some links to pages which list related publications:

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  2. A Bibliography on Data Warehousing and OLAP

26 Sep. 1997 Demo of Research Prototypes NAME Members of the Database Group
AFFILIATION Stanford Database Group
3 Oct. 1997 Data Warehousing and warehousing research at Stanford
NAME Janet Wiener
AFFILIATION Stanford University DB Group
10 Oct. 1997 Broadbase Decision Server: an Architectural Overview
( slides in HTML )
NAME Julian Hyde and Roy Goldman
17 Oct. 1997 Bitmap Indexing in Oracle Data Warehousing
( slides in HTML ; slides in Postscript )
NAME Hakan Jakobsson
24 Oct. 1997 High-performance, parallel warehouse servers and large-scale applications
( slides in HTML ; slides in Postscript )
NAME Felipe Carino
31 Oct. 1997 TimesTen(tm): A Main-Memory Data Manager NAME Marie-Anne Neimat
AFFILIATION TimesTen Performance Software
7 Nov. 1997 Data Warehouse ROI and the Evolution of Relational OLAP
slides in HTML )
NAME Jon Kraft
14 Nov. 1997 Database Programming Languages NAME Tim Merrett
AFFILIATION McGill Univ., Montreal
21 Nov. 1997 Sagent Data Mart Solution Architecture Overview NAME Vlad Gorelik
AFFILIATION Sagent Technology, Inc.
28 Nov. 1997 Thanksgiving Holiday NAME Turkey
5 Dec. 1997 Information Management In Large Scale, Widely Distributed, and Collaborative Environments NAME Pamela Drew
12 Dec. 1997 Database Infrastructure for Visual Information Systems NAME Clement Leung
AFFILIATION Victoria University of Technology, Australia

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By signing the attendance sheet circulated in class participants signify that they participated fully in that lecture. Signing and not participating is a breach of the Stanford Honor code.

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