CS545 - Stanford InfoSeminar 2009

The InfoSeminar is held during the winter quarter only. It is organized by Jennifer Widom.

DateSpeakerTitle (link to abstract)BioSlides
Jan. 9 Jun Yang, Duke University Data-Driven Processing in Sensor Networks bio Slides in pdf (3mb)
Jan. 16 Lise Getoor, University of Maryland Graph Identification and Privacy in Social Networks bio Slides in pdf (3.5mb)
Jan. 23 Todd Mowry, Carnegie Mellon University Incrementally Parallelizing Database Transactions with Thread-Level Speculation bio Slides in pdf (470kb)
Jan. 30 Anish Das Sarma, Stanford University Managing Uncertain Data bio Slides in ppt (4mb)
Feb. 6 David DeWitt, Microsoft Clustera: A Data-Centric Approach to Scalable Cluster Management bio Slides in pdf (1.9mb) or ppt (2.4mb)
Feb. 13 Daniel Greenstein, University of California A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Information Technology and the Future of the Research Universities
bio Slides in ppt (18.5mb)
Feb. 20 Alon Halevy, Google Structured Data on the Web bio --
Feb. 27 Phokion Kolaitis, U.C. Santa Cruz Foundations and Applications of Schema Mappings bio Slides in pdf (500kb)
March 6 Christian Jensen, Aalborg University Privacy for Spatial Queries and Data bio Slides in pdf (500kb) or ppt (1.5mb)
March 13 Samuel Madden, MIT Data Management in the CarTel Mobile Sensor Network System bio Slides in ppt (14mb)