Stanford InfoSeminar
Winter 2014
Infoseminar is a weekly event held at Stanford that brings together people who are interested databases, big data and other interesting computer science topics.



The Stanford InfoSeminar is held during the winter quarter only. It is organized by Jure Leskovec and sponsored by the Stanford Computer Forum.


Date Speaker Title (link to abstract) Bio Slides
Jan 10 2014 Xavier Amatriain, Netflix Behind the Curtain: Data & Algorithms that power the Netflix User Experience bio slides
Jan 17 2014 Lise Getoor, UCSC Scalable Collective Inference in Heterogenous Networks using PSL bio slides
Jan 24 2014 Andy Pavlo, CMU Cache Rules Everything Around Me bio
Jan 31 2014 Doug Cutting, Cloudera Data Software: Design for Change bio
Feb 7 2014 Julian McAuley, Stanford Machine Learning for Social Systems: Modeling Opinions, Activities, and Interactions bio
Feb 14 2014 Andreas Krause, ETH Learning with the Crowd: Detection, Clustering and Teaching bio
Feb 21 2014 Anil K Goel, SAP
Shel Finkelstein, SAP
SAP HANA: Delivering A Data Platform for Enterprise Applications on Modern Hardware bio
Feb 28 2014 Raghu Ramakrishnan, MSR Scale-Out Beyond Map-Reduce bio
Mar 7 2014 Ravi Kumar, Google Research Estimating Network Parameters
Mar 14 2014 Carlos Guestrin, UW Scalability, Data Distribution and Usability of Machine Learning with GraphLab bio