(Dynamic) Schedule for CS 446

Next item in calendar for CS 446 Fall Quarter 1997-1998.

Gio Wiederhold and David Luckham.

To be updated regularily during the course. Initially mainly reflects last year!.

CS446: Tools and Processes for Software.
An Experimental Seminar on Large Scale Software Construction.

MW 3:15-4:30, starting Sept.24 in Gilbert 119 (next to Gates, corner Serra street side, nearest Gates).
The schedule below also include pointers to class notes, on-line references, and related events as the Friday 3:15-4:30 CS545 database seminar series in Gates B12.

See the information page for general information on CS446.

Textbook: Bruce Blum: Software Engineering, A Holistic View; Oxford 1992. Provides basic definition, a philosophical overview by a person with much experience.

Other Course Material: Bibliography from a wide variety of sources, including evaluations of successful and failed large software projects.

CS 446 Fall 1997/98 Topics (tentative): Speaker,Web references [Org.Remarks]

Today or soon.
1. Sept.24 2. Sept.29 3. Oct.1 4. Oct.6 5. Oct.8 6. Oct.13 > 7. Oct.15 -- Oct.19 8. Oct.20 -- Oct.21 9. Oct.22 10. Oct.27 11. Oct.29 ; 12. Nov.3 13. Nov.5 -- Nov.9 14. Nov.10 15. Nov.12 16. Nov.17 17. Nov.19 -- Nov.23 18. Nov.24 19. Nov.26 20. Dec.1 21. Dec.3 22. Dec.5

Software Tools

A Rapide toolset should be installed on the Elaine machine's CS446 directory. You should be able to login to an Elaine machine and cd to the directory /usr/rapide/
[A Class Homework exercise: You are an Alpha Toolset test customer for a new system! Read the README's in /usr/rapide/ carefully and try to follow at least one of the three teaching examples. These examples have several parts to them. Write a short report on what you were able to do, and what difficulties you experienced. Due: Wed Nov 5th.


Graded reports will be returned the first week of the Winter Quarter.

Candidate topics (many from earlier years)

An assignment challenge by David Luckham: Propose a two-quarter project, doable by a few smart students, related to the software engineering topics we cover here, that will help xxx in her quest to build the ITSS infrastructure (see Details, due Oct.22nd.
Submit your paragraph by email to dcl@anna and gio@cs.

(Composition technology: Dale Skeen. 1995 Note 10

(Role of Standards: with Carl Cargill)

(Domain-specific Software: Mike Lowry. 1995 brief Note 17.)

(Mediation, matchmaking, facilitators: Dan Kuokka. 1995 Brief Note 18.)

(Knowledge-based Software Engineering: Debellis @Andersen Consulting. 1995 brief Note with GIF images of the slides 16 (note: GIFs print very slowly). His presentation slides in postscript. later version of his presentation slides in postscript. )

Software Maturity metrics: Larry Druffel (SEI) [contacted, possible] 1995 Note 13.)

(Tools for Software Reengineering: Valdis Berzins, NPGS. 1995 Note 12.)