Pictures from IIT Kanpur 1963-1965

Taken by Prof. Irving Rabinowitz and Sandie 1963 and after, and scanned in August 2009 by Gio Wiederhold.

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Prof. Rabinowitz was instrumental, with Profs. Harry Huskey and Forman Acton at stetting up the IBM 1620 computer for the Department of Electrical Engineering.
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Photographs and slides around the IIT Kanpur Campus and town taken Prof. Rabinowitz, provided courtesy of Sandie Rabinowitz. The full size pictures are scans in high resolution. Many are 3Mb, and some are larger.

KIAP Faculty and friends.
Prof. Kelkar, Jane Bergenfull size
Prof. Harry Huskeyfull size
Rosalie Dryden, Geeta Singh, Prof. Subbarao, Jerry Vielehr, another Singh family.full size
David Montenegro, Geeta S., Sandie Rabinowitz, Harbudgeon Singhfull size
Meera Parasnis in brown sweater, ?, Prof. Kesavan, Mrs. Bergdolt.full size
Geeta Singh and Patricia Vielehrfull size
Irv, Sandie Rabinowitz in midst of group, Harry Huskey, Dave Montenegrofull size
Irv and Sandie Rabinowitz, more, Jerry Vielehr, Laksmi Sahgal.full size
s017 Jane Bergen on right.full size
Prof. Dryden, Basu at right.full size
Mrs. Bergdolt blocking her husbandfull size
Prof. Mahanty, Prof. Chevarria-Aguilar's profilefull size
Prof. Chevaria, Geeta Singh, Col. Prem Sehgal.full size
Russell Wood talking to Prof. Kelkar.full size
Mrs. Betty Wood, Prof. Art Bergen.full size
DaveMontenegrofull size
Jerry Vielehr, Lahkshmi Sahgal.full size
Fran Chevarria and Col. Prem Sahgal (reprocess)full size
Dave Montenegro.full size
Dick Zimmerman, Prof. Art Bergen, Prof. Charles Dryden.full size
Who are these folk in slide 31?full size
Who are these folk in slide 32?full size
Who are these folk in slide 33?full size
Prof Alve Erickson getting a shave at IIT, taken by ?.full size
Harbadjan Singh child, Russell Wood, Pat Vielehr.full size
Computer operations and teaching at IIT Kanpur.
External lecture participants, Prof. Irv Rabinowitz. When?full size
show test Irv Rabinowitz at the IITK IBM 1620.full size
Irv Rabinowitz at the IBM 1620full size
The IITK IBM 1620 by itself.full size
Prof. Irv Rabinowitz, and students? Photo #k008full size
Irv, Tr., Rao.full size
Irv, Basufull size
Who are these folk in photo #k012cfull size
Basu and more folk, walking to lunch?full size
The IBM 1620 and its caretakers.full size
Who is this in photo #K011, believe he helped at the IIT Kanpur center? full size
Prof. Rabinowitz in classroom.full size
Same group, butbItv took the picture.full size
Who are these two in photo #K009a? They look very familiar.full size
Who is this? k013bfull size
Who are these folk?full size
Who are these folk?full size
Who are these folk?full size
Mathematics movie annoncement, Showing full size
S.N. Bose, P.Cc. Mahalanobis, S.K. Mitra, John von Neumann.full size
On the IIT Kanpur campus.
Saroj and Prof. J. Mahantyfull size
Sarah Rabinowitz.full size
On campus, but where; slide #005c? full size
Who are these folk?full size
Housing and scenes in the town of Kanpur.
Prof. Irv Robinowitz hosted by group.full size
Rachel Rabiniwitz held by Rosemary, her ajah. Also neighnor Margharita Skillen with daughter Gina.full size
Sandie and Irv's home in Vishnupuri, with Sarah.full sizeGio Wiederhold stayed there afterwards, to Oct. 1965.
Rachel Rabinowitz in Vishnupuri.full size
Kanpur Club?full size
Where s020?full size
Who are these folk?full size
Who are these folk?full size
Sarah Rabinowitz in the middle, flamked by the twins of Prof. and Jane Bergen.full size
Photos taken at a KIAP picnic in Indiana, 1966.
David Funkhouser? Forman Acton?, others in Indiana.full size
on the right, Prof. Berdolt in Indiana. 1969full size
Who are these folk?full size
At a US meeting in 1969full size
Foreman Acton in Indiana.full size

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The main page for this material is IIT Kanpur, India information, with additional pointers.
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