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Gio retired from full time active service at Stanford 30 June 2001.
He will not take on new students or assistants, and not participate actively in new research projects.
In 2014 he stopped teaching the Spring quarter Freshman seminar of `Business on the Internet', CS73N.
He will be available to help with the dissemination of prior work.

Gio is actively consulting now, mainly on issues related to IP valuation. Results of this work were published in the Comm.of the ACM, September 2006 issue and subsequuently.
This led to a book Valuing IntelLectual Capital.

Voy and Gio are still developing and maintaining the Historic Computer Displays at Stanford in the Gates Information Science building. The latest addition is original S-1 Supercomputer. S-1 Supercomputer.

Retirement bench

Colleagues, then current and former students donated a bench in San Francisco's Mountain Lake Park in appreciation. It is located just north of the intersection of Lake or California street and 12th Avenue, and has a view of the lake, the trees of the Presidio, the drive to the Golden Gate bridge (CA Highway 1), and the adjoining playground (SF Map, click on The Presidio).

More Photographs.

Lake View.
View Left.
View Right.
Towards 12th Ave.

Two Retirement Projects are

A Wiederhold Genealogy

The Wiederhold genealogy now has its own web page As of 2020 the pages cited in the next paragraph are now longer being maintained.

Using voluminous paper documents that Gio obtained from a now deceased genealogist in Germany, Alfred Wiederhold, Gio is transferring, cross-checking, and expanding the data into files that can be persused on-line. The current (Spring 2018) goal is to have all known Wiederholds born prior to 1800, as well as their spouses and children, on-line. The earliest Wiederhold entries are in 1140, where a Wedderhold was a judge in Warburg, on the Hessen-Westfalen border in Germany. Active lines will be followed to the year 2000, although privacy rules inhibit publication of people that might still be alive, unles they have given permission. All Wiederholds appear to be related!.

Gio also has collected his academic ancestry, which goes back to Galileo Daliei (1564-1642) and his adivsors. That measn ofcourse that all of Gio's descendant students inherite the same academic ancestors. Historical Stanford connections include David Starr Jordan and Lewis M. Terman.


Restoring and showing his antique Armstrong Siddeley Saloon

At the end of 2006 Gio finally got around to a planned retirement project, restoring a 1953 Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire saloon he bought in 1960, but mangeled in late 1963, to roadworthiness
Then: with Evan full size; Goal full size

First Drive out , with the garage smoke alarm buzzing (32 seconds); or from at Stanford Infolab (much slower).

and, after some cleaning, back into the garage (38 seconds)

or from at Stanford Infolab (much slower) . (I had a hard time getting that video loaded directly from YouTube. But if you just go to YouTube and enter "Um23Tjjtt00" for the driving out video or "68HiMAcxYxc" for the returning into the garage video into the search box, you should get it.)

I participated in an Armstrong Siddeley rally in July/August 2008 in the Australian Outback --when it is winter there-, driving other Sapphire cars and stopping in Sapphire, Queensland. Look at
The retrieval code is "ZjtCUhvhKkQ".

Progress is happening: See me driving it, sitting on a crate on or

and hear the engine at

March 2009: Running, but not yet repainted.
August 2009: Bodywork "panel beating" done and repainted, now back to me to be reassembled.

March 2010, Reassembly

Done with final polishing. My Alfa fits in the trunk/boot?
Seatbelts from a decommissioned aircraft.

December 2010, with grand kids.
At City hall, before St.Patrick's day.
at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Some wild Irishmen even race with Armstrong Siddeley Sapphires:
Mike Wylie's son David driving a Sapphire at the Brands Hatch old-timer Masters competition, 29 May 2010. Full size of #0491 and link to more. See also pictures 0490, 0078, 0085, 0487. 0500, 0514, 0517, 0527, 0530; and from another site.

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