Student Supervision

Gio Wiederhold

29 March 1995, updated 16 April 1995, restored Sep 2003, updated Sep 2004. May 2005, March 2009.


Most students also appear in the Mathematics Genealogy.
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    Date completed student: title. (employment)
  1. 1979 Hector Garcia-Molina (CS): Performance of Update Algorithms for Replicated Data in a Distributed Database. (Professor at Princeton Univ.; Stanford Univ. ).
  2. 1979 John Shoch -- with Dr. Robert Metcalfe (CS): Design and Performance of Local Computer Networks. (Xerox Development Div.; Menlo Associates )
  3. 1980 Ramez El-Masri (CS): On the Design, Use, and Integration of Data Models. (Honeywell Research; Assistant Prof, Houston; Associate Professor at Univ.of Texas, Arlington ).
  4. 1980 David Eliot Shaw (CS): Knowledge-Based Retrieval on a Relational Database Machine. (Assistant Professor at Columbia Univ.; Morgan Stanley; David Shaw Ass., NYC ).
  5. 1980 Toshimi Minoura -- with Professor Susan Owicki (EE): Resilient Extended True-Copy Token Algorithm for Distributed Database Systems. (Assistant, Associate Professor at USC; Professor at Oregon State Univ. ).
  6. 1981 Jonathan Jay King (CS): Query Optimization by Semantic Reasoning. (Hewlett-Packard; Symantec; Teknowledge; Sun Microsystems. deceased ).
  7. 1981 Robert L. Blum, MD (IDP): Discovery and Representation of Causal Relationships from a Large Time-Oriented Clinical Database: The RX Project. (Kaiser Permanente Foundation ).
  8. 1982 Erik J. Gilbert (CS): Algorithm Partitioning Tools for a High-Performance Multiprocessor. (Daisy Systems ).
  9. 1983 Kyu Young Whang (CS): A Physical Design Methodology Using the Property of Separability. (IBM Research, Yorktown; Professor KAIST, Seoul, Tanchen ).
  10. 1983 Jim E. Davidson (CS): Interpreting Natural Language Database Updates. (Teknowledge; Liberate ).
  11. 1983 Neil Charles Rowe (CS): Rule-based Statistical Calculations on a Database Abstract. Associate Professor, Naval Postgraduate School, Montrey CA ).
  12. 1983 James F. Brinkley, MD (IDP): Ultrasonic Three-dimensional Organ Modeling. (Professor, Depts of Biological Structures and Computer Science, Univ. of Washington, Seattle ).
  13. 1984 Ricardo G. Kortas, MD -- with Professor Roger Winkle (IDP): The Effective ST-Segment: A Unified Approach to ST-Segment Analysis. (Hospital Beneficncia Portuguesa, Sao Paulo m inc).
  14. 1985 Arthur M. Keller (CS): Updating Databases through Views.(Assistant Professor at Univ.of Texas, Austin; Research Associate at Stanford, Booz-Allen-ADS; Senior Research Scientist, Stanford University; Consultant and UC Santa Cruz ).
  15. 1986 Marianne S. Winslett (CS): Updating Databases with Incomplete Information. (Professor, Univ. Illinois, Champaign-Urbana ).
  16. 1987 Edwin P.D. Pednault -- with Robert C. Moore, SRI (EE): A Theory of Classical Planning and its Application to Plan Synthesis. (ATT Bell Laboratories; IBM Watson Labs ).
  17. 1987 CharLin Koo -- with Boyd C. Paulson, jr, Civ.Eng (IDP): A Distributed Model for Performance Systems: Synchronizing Plans Among Intelligent Agents via Communication. (Teknekron, Berkeley CA; Intellisys, Taiwan and Palo Alto, CA ).
  18. 1989 Arun Swami (CS): Optimization of Large Join Queries in Main Memory Database Systems. (IBM Research, Almaden; Silicon Graphics, Xerox Parc ).
  19. 1989 Linda deMichiel, PhD (CS): The Semantic Mediation of Operations Across Disparate Domains. (IBM Research, Almaden; SUN Microsystems ).
  20. 1989 Xiaolei Qian (CS): Constraint-based Synthesis of Database Transactions. (Kestrel Institute; ATT Bell Laboratories; SRI International; SecureSoft; Vitria; Oracle ).
  21. 1990 Peter Rathmann (CS): Nonmonotonic Semantics for Partitioned Knowledge Bases. (Stanford Un.; Petrovision, Silicon Graphics, Google ).
  22. 1990 Thierry Barsalou, M.D. (MIS): View Objects for Relational Databases. (IBM Yorktown; Ciba-Geigy Research, Basel; Planet Medica; Aptilon; ).
  23. 1990 Byung Suk Lee (CS): Efficiently Instantiating Objects from Remote Relational Databases through Views. (Bellcore Research; Assistant Professor, St.Thomas Un., Minneapolis; Professor, U Vermont ).
  24. 1991 Shaibal Roy (CS): Parallel Execution of Joins. (Shell Oil Research, Houston; Sybase; Portala Communications, Netscape; consultant ).
  25. 1991 Sang K. Cha (EE): Kaleidscope: Knowledge-based Menu Generation for Natural Language Queries (Korea National University ).
  26. 1991 Keith Hall (CS): Managing Inconsistency in a Design Database.(IBM Heidelberg; private consultant and dozent).
  27. 1995 Waqar Hasan (CS, HP): Optimizing Parallel Distributed Data Access (Informix Software; DBwizards ).
  28. 1998 Julie Basu -- with Arthur Keller (CS): Indexing Materialized Views (Oracle ).
  29. 1998 Ron Burback (CS): The Watersluice Software Methodology (ccRewards; consulting ).
  30. 2000 James Z. Wang (MIS): Image Analysis (Penn.State ).
  31. 2001 Jan Jannink (CS): Towards Resolution of Semantic Differences in Ontologies (Gigabeat, Napster ).
  32. 2001 Joseph Norman -- with Michael Higgins (MIS): Algebraic Approach to High-dimensional Sensitivity Analysis.
  33. 2003 David Liu -- with Kincho Law (CEE): Distributed Data Flow in Autonomous Service Composition (McKinsey).
  34. 2004 Prasenjit Mitra (EE): An Algebra for Ontology Composition (Penn.State).
  35. 2004 Gloria Lau (CEE) -- coadvisor with Kincho Law (CEE): Analysis Framework for Semi-Structured Documents, with Applications to Government Regulations.
  36. 2005 Neal Sample -- Surety-based Scheduling for Megaprograms (eBay).

PhD THESES READER (partial list)

year grad. name (department): Abbreviated thesis title

Engineers Theses completed:

  1. 1977 James Sweet (EE): Criteria and Alternatives for Protecting Data in a Concurrent Processing Environment.
  2. 1982 Francis Yen (EE): Analysis of the Use of the Relational Query Approach, as QBE, to IMS DL/1 Structures
  3. 1987 Wyatt WeiHung Leung (EE): Processing Goal Queries Using a Frame-Rule Approach.
  4. 1993 Bob Constantakis (EE): Recursion in Databases with Computation.
  5. 2003 Yuechiro Yamashita (EE): Face Recognition for Photo Collections. (Canon).

Medical Information Science Masters Theses Completed:

  1. 1986 Steven Downs, MD: Summarization of Clinical Records.
  2. 1987 Isabelle DeZegher-Geets, MD: Graphical Summarization of Clinical Records.
  3. 1987 Mark Frisse, MD: Hypertext Representation of a Clinical Textbook (vanderbilt Univ.).