SCIP 95 Viewgraphs

The Changing Software Paradigm

Viewgraphs prepared September 1995 and used in a Stanford Computer Industry Project (SCIP) Forum Presentation, 22 Sep 1995.

Gio Wiederhold, Stanford University

The 28 SCIP viewgraphs are individually available, in postscript (ps) format.
Most of these are 1/4 scale, on landscape format. For a larger set of viewgraphs, browse through the current list of Gio's viewgraphs.

Stanford Computer Industry Project

Supported by the Sloan Foundation.

2. What is Changing. small
3. Logical Progression.
4. Invocation and Reuse. small
5. Paradigm Shift. small
6. Evidence. small
7. Early Example. small
8. Database Interfaces. small
9. Recent Examples. small
10. Transform Data to Information. small
11. Evolution of Mediation. small
12. Domain-specific Mediation. Not available in this list, use general viewgraph.
13. Example in Health Care. small
14. Mediation on the WWW. small
15. Workforce Realloaction. small
16. Dealing with Multiple Services. small
17. Growing Systems. small
18. Examples. small
19. Systems with Mediators. small
20. Emerging Mediation. small
21. Growth by Reuse. small
22. Incremental maintenance. small
23. Maintenance Metrics. small
24. Measuring Architectures. may be too complex, small
25. New Metrics. small
26. Interoperating Domains. small
27. Mediator for the Security Officer. small
28. New Role for Consultants. small
29. Conclusion. small