Tree of Mary Baker's students for the Computer History Exhibits

Started 2004, very incomplete. We'd like to add current locations and email. Send updates by email to: (Gio Wiederhold).

Professor Mary Baker (CS and EE, at Stanford - 2004)

    year-of-PhD Name [department, notes] (last known location, email)
  1. 1998 Stuart Cheshire [CS] (Metritalk, Apple <cheshire at cs>)
  2. 1998? Xinhua Zhao [CS], Adv.:Mary Baker (Cranite <zhao at cs>)
  3. 2000 Wei-Pai Diane Tang [CS] (Stanford <dtang at cs>)
  4. 2001? Jonathan Stone [CS] cheriton? (Nrrowband Audio <jonathan at cs>)
  5. 2001? Kevin Lai [CS] (HP <>)
  6. 2003? Mema Roussopoulos [CS], Adv.:Mary Baker (Harvard <mema at>)
  7. 2002? finished? Edward Swierk [EE?, CIS] (SUN < >)
  8. 2003 Petros Maniatis [CS] (Intel < >)
  9. 2003? Sergio Marti? [CS], Adv.: Hector Garcia-Molina or Mary Baker (<>)
  10. 2002? Antonios Hondroulis? [CS] (<>)

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