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Printing Technology [Gio] [Warren]

floor3 left

Main page and description of Printer Technology Display [Gates case 8].

CDC band printer [Warren]

band printer description

Laser Printers


Mechanical Printing Technologies

A variety of devices on the left, from the top
Daisy Wheel printer head - full size
Daisy Wheel printer head - full size
Selectric printer balls - full size
Linotype line - full size
Font change card for IBM electric typewriter - full size
Triumph Mechanical typewriter in Workbench [Not on display, image from The Nixdorf Museum, Paderborn] - full size

On the right
A TIMEX-SINCLAIR TS1000 spark printer Larger images of: 1. the pieces: at bottom the spinning band, the works above, the case with the ground bar, and to the right the paper roll. Below the paper is the connector to chain the printer to the TS1000 computer and other devices. 2. the works; the motor spins the band 1/2 cyclke for each line of dots, and the paper. It allows created a high voltage, transmitted with the white wire connects to the bar to contact 1 electrode of the band.. 3. the electrodes on the ribbon, one picks up the charge and the other one passes by the metalic paper, and. if powered, causes the spark to evaporate the metal, leaving a black base of the paper visible..
A thermal printer - full size

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