The DB Movie Club
...Death to the SQL


The DB Movie Club was born to fill the long-standing and acutely felt void in Gates 4A entertainment. It specializes in the screening of high-quality films, as reflected in its passionate rallying cry: "Death to the SQL". The selection of films in each calendar month conform to a common underlying theme, which is explored further on this web site by means of original essays, derivative explanations, and references to relevant material both on the web and in print. Films are projected on screen using a special-purpose, made-for-video front-projection system. Joining the club is free for those capable of writing SQL.

The DB Movie Club is an equal-opportunity screener, and films of all colors -- including black and white -- will have occasion to be presented. While a vast majority of the movies will be in English, every effort will be made to provide adequate representation to films in other languages.

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The club meets every Thursday at 6pm in the DB Lounge. The movie roster is determined on a month-to-month basis.

Each theme has its own web page, accessible by clicking on its title.

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