CS545 - Stanford InfoSeminar 2012

The InfoSeminar is held during the winter quarter only. It is organized by Jennifer Widom and sponsored by the Stanford Computer Forum.

DateSpeakerTitle (link to abstract)BioSlides
Jan. 13 Pat Helland, Free agent If You Have Too Much Data, then "Good Enough" Is Good Enough bio slides (pptx)
Jan. 20 Magda Balazinska, Univ. of Washington Skew and Failures during Parallel Data Processing bio slides (pdf)
Jan. 27 Arvind Arasu, Microsoft Research Programmable Similarity for Record Matching bio slides (pdf)
Feb. 3 Lars Backstrom, Facebook Network Bucket Testing bio --
Feb. 10 Panos Ipeirotis, NYU Crowdsourcing: Quality Management and Scalability bio slides (pptx)
Feb. 17 Deepak Agarwal, Yahoo! Research Content Recommendation on Yahoo! Sites bio slides (pptx)
Feb. 24 Panos Kalnis, KAUST Mizan: Optimizing Graph Mining in Large Parallel Systems bio slides (pptx)
March 2 Amr El Abbadi, UC Santa Barbara Scalable and Elastic Data Management in the Cloud bio slides (pptx)
March 9 Susan Dumais, Microsoft Research Temporal Dynamics and Information Retrieval bio slides (pdf)
March 16 Amol Deshpande, Univ. of Maryland Enabling Declarative Graph Analytics over Large, Noisy Information Networks bio slides (pdf)