(Dynamic) Schedule for CS 446

Also see Brief schedule updated Sep.29, Nov 15, for planning.

To be updated regularily during the course. Initially mainly reflects last year!. See the information page for general information on CS446.

CS 446 Fall 1997/98 Topics (tentative): Speaker,Web references [Org.Remarks]

Today or soon.
1. Sept.24

2. Sept.29 3. Oct.1 4. week of Oct.6 5. Oct.8 6. week of Oct.13 7. Oct.15 8. week of Oct.20 Oct.19 Add deadline: Decide on your project (software/paper) for the course

9. Oct.22

10. week of Oct.27 11. Oct.29 14. week of Nov.10 15. Nov.12 16. week of Nov.17 17. Nov.19 Discussion on Standards, Patents and Copyrights. Wiederhold. -- Nov.23 Withdrawal deadline

19. 20. week of Dec.1, meeting with research project, individually scheduled 21. Dec.3 22. Dec.5

Software Tools

The Rapide toolset is installed on the Elaine machine's CS446 directory. You should be able to login to an Elaine machine and cd to the directory /usr/rapide/

Candidate topics (many from earlier years)

(Composition technology: Dale Skeen. 1995 Note 10

(Role of Standards: with Carl Cargill)

(Domain-specific Software: Mike Lowry. 1995 brief Note 17.)

(Mediation, matchmaking, facilitators: Dan Kuokka. 1995 Brief Note 18.)

(Knowledge-based Software Engineering: Debellis @Andersen Consulting. 1995 brief Note with GIF images of the slides 16 (note: GIFs print very slowly). His presentation slides in postscript. later version of his presentation slides in postscript. )

Software Maturity metrics: Larry Druffel (SEI) [contacted, possible] 1995 Note 13.)

(Tools for Software Reengineering: Valdis Berzins, NPGS. 1995 Note 12.)