DB CS145 - Introduction to Databases
Autumn Quarter 2007


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Outline, Schedule, and Readings

The readings (for one book or the other) are required, even if material is not covered in the lectures. All other readings are optional, interesting supplements, and may not match the course content exactly.
DateTopicRequired Reading (FCDB/3)Required Reading (FCDB/2 or DSCB)Other Useful Readings
9/24Intro to DBMS's, Relational Model, SQL Data Definition, XML 1, 2.1--2.31, 3.1, 6.6.1--6.6.4Greenspun's SQL for Web Nerds Intro, SQL/Nerds Modeling (parts), Widom Notes: Introduction, Widom Notes: Relations, XML
9/26Relational Algebra 2.4, 5.15.2, 5.3 Widom Notes: Relational Algebra
10/1Introduction to SQL 6.1--6.36.1--6.3SQL/Nerds Queries, Widom Notes: SQL
10/3Advanced Relational Algebra and SQL 5.2, 6.4, 6.55.4, 6.4, 6.5SQL/Nerds Advanced Queries
10/8Constraints and Triggers 77or-triggers.html, SQL/Nerds Triggers, Widom Notes: Constraints and Triggers
10/10SQL Transactions, Views, and Indexes 6.6, 88.6, 6.7, 6.6.5, 6.6.6, Appendix CSQL/Nerds Views, Widom Notes: Transactions, Widom Notes: Views, Widom Notes: Indexes
10/15Embedded SQL, PSM, PL/SQL 9.3, 9.48.1, 8.2 or-plsql.html
10/17JDBC, PHP, CLI 9.1, 9.2, 9.5--9.78.3--8.5, Appendix D or-jdbc.html
10/22Semistructured Data, XML, DTD's, XML Schema 114.6, 4.7, Appendix E.1W3-Schools Tutorial on XML
10/24XPath, XQuery 12.1, 12.2Appendix E.2, E.3XPath Manual, XQuery Manual, Chamberlin Tutorial on XQuery
10/29More XQuery, XSLT 12.3Appendix E.4XSLT Manual
10/31Midterm in class --Up to 10/24 lecture
11/5Functional Dependencies, Normalization 3.1--3.33.4, 3.5, 3.6.1--3.6.4 Widom Notes: Relational Design
11/7Inference of Dependencies, Multivalued Dependencies, 3NF, 4NF 3.4--, 3.6.6, Appendix A-
11/12Entity/Relationship Model 4.1--4.62, 3.2, 3.3-
11/14More E/R, UML, ODL 4.7--4.10Appendix B, 4.2--4.4 Widom Notes: UML
11/26Authorization, Datalog, Recursive SQL 10.1, 5.3, 5.4, 10.28.7, 10 Widom Notes: Authorization, Widom Notes: SQL3 Recursion
11/28Object-Relational SQL 10.3--10.59.4, 9.5 or-objects.html, Widom Notes: Object-Relational SQL
12/3OLAP, Data Cubes, Warehousing 10.6, 10.720.4, 20.5 Widom Notes: Data Warehousing and Mining
12/5Project Demos, Review ---

Exams and Challenge Problems

The Final Exam and Solutions.

The Midterm.

Challenge Problem Sets 1-5.


  1. You can get handouts and exams from previous years through the web page of the textbook A First Course in Database Systems. For the latest information on errata, go to The Errata Sheet for DSCB and FCDB/2 or The Errata Sheet for FCDB/3.

  2. If you haven't taken CS103 and are unsure whether you have the material, you may look at Class Notes for CS109 (109 was the old number for what is now 103).

  3. SQL For Web Nerds is an amusing explication of SQL. You may wish to read several of the sections as we cover SQL in class.

  4. There are tutorials about "X-stuff" (XML, XQuery, etc.) at W3 Schools.

  5. For information about how to use the Stanford Oracle system, and to do things in Oracle generally, go to The Text's Oracle Guide. Note: Oracle gives mysterious error numbers when you do something wrong. Using the error-messaage number as a Google query often gives you an answer from some newsgroup that has discussed the problem.

  6. To remotely login to a Leland server, you need SecureCRT. To transfer files between your local space and your Leland space, you need SecureFX. Information and downloads for both can be found here.

  7. Prof. Widom's CS145 Notes from 2006. While we shall not deviate too much from last year's course, the emphasis is often somewhat different, and always interesting.

Lecture Notes

9/24 Database Models Database Models
9/26 Relational Algebra Relational Algebra
10/1 SQL Introduction SQL Introduction
10/3 More Rel. Alg. + SQL More Rel. Alg. + SQL
10/8 Constraints and Triggers Constraints and Triggers
10/10 Transactions, Views, Indexes Transactions, Views, Indexes
10/15 Embedded SQL, PSM, PL/SQL Embedded SQL, PSM, PL/SQL
10/22 DTD's, XML Schema DTD's, XML Schema
10/24, 29 XPath, XQuery, XSLT XPath, XQuery, XSLT
11/5 Design Theory for Relations Design Theory for Relations
11/7 MVD's, 4NF, Inference MVD's, 4NF, Inference
11/12 Entity/Relationship Model Entity/Relationship Model
11/26 Authorization Authorization
11/26-28 Datalog, Recursive SQL Datalog, Recursive SQL
11/28-12/3 Object-Relational SQL Object-Relational SQL
12/3 Information Integration Information Integration
12/5 OLAP, Data Mining OLAP, Data Mining

        Problem Session Notes

10/1 Products and Joins Products and Joins
10/8 SQL exercises SQL exercises
10/22 Project 1 Help Project 1 Help
10/29 MT Review Slides MT Review Slides
10/29 MT Review Work (.xls) MT Review Work
11/29 E/R, UML, ODL exercise E/R, UML, ODL exercise