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Edward Y. Chang
President, DeepQ Health
Open Big Data Group
Email: eyuchang at gmail dot com




*President, DeepQ Health (2012-)

*Adjunct Professor, Computer Science, HKUST, HK (2012-2015)

*Director of Research, Google (2006-2012)

*Assistant, Associate, Full Professor, Electrical Engineering, University of California Santa Barbara (1999-2008)

*Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Stanford University (1995-1999)

*M.S., Computer Science, Stanford University

*M.S. Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, UC Berkeley

*Short Bio, Full CV (last updated: 7/2016)


* Tutorial at BigDat 2015: Big Data Lecture #1, Big Data Lecture #2, Big Data Lecture #3.

* Big Data Research and Open Source: Open Big Data Group

* Co-lead PI XPRIZE Tricorder competition (top winners)

* Director/Architect, Google Indoor Positioning Research

* Program Director, Google Mobile 2014 Research Focused Program

* Director, Google Q&A with Search Social Integration, launched in more than 60 countries

* Big Data, Large-Scale Machine Learning Algorithms: PSVM, PLDA, Parallel Spectral Clustering, PFP, SPeeDO (Deep Learning)

*Past Research Projects & Students

- Intelligent Sampling for Learning Image Query Concepts (NSF Career IIS-0133802)
- SIEC: Statistical Inferences under Extreme Constraints (NSF ITR IIS-0219885, ARDA, NEC, IBM)
- VSN: Video Sensor Networks (ArgusSenses, Intel)
- Scalable, Multimodal Algorithms for Multimedia Information Retrieval (NSF IIS-0535085, Google)


* Two Books Published in 2011

*Complete Publication List by Year

*Selected Recent Invited Talks

*Complete List of Services

*Poetry Page


* ECE594 Large Scale Scientific Data Mining; Winter 2006.

* ECE268 Internet Computing and Web Technologies; 2001 - 2005.

*ECE160 Advanced Algorithms for Multimedia Systems; Spring 2000 - 2006.

*ECE154 Computer Architecture; Winter 2003, 2004.

*ECE153A Hardware Software Interface (Device Drivers); Fall 1999, 2000, 2001.

*ECE594 Internet Computing and Digital TV; Winter 2000.

Last updated 7/17/2016