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1 Do they go on the bummel next ? (5,3,2,1,4)

8 Presumably, it turns things hazy blue in dancing seductress ! (9)

9 Become younger, literally speaking, but pay for it (5)

11 Wrong interpretation ascribed to voice that is grating? (7)

12 Ambitious, but spent; Need a palliative? (7)

13 Procedure for fear one may cause trouble or harm (6)

15 Silent twitch after half a pen (or a full one) is astringent (7)

16 Kill ten times to get a friend ?!! (8)

19 Oars, as advised by the think tanks reportedly (6)

23 Would you have gone overboard if you had done this to the ground ?!(3,4)

24 Alchemy, for example, using copper in revolving pistols ! (7)

26 Can he not take pleasure in his own experiences ? (5)

27 Rounded and bulging when perennial Indian ape leads us (7)

28 Graveyards for mail ? A postal delivery system used outside the country (4-6,5)


1 Something unbreakable to throw when angry ? (7)

2 A haggard clue ? (5)

3 French lightning is clear whipped cream in pastry shells! (7)

4 Badge of a junior officer on board? (6)

5 Injurious encroachment that should help one move out too! (7)

6 A memento of emaciation? (7)

7 Chronos, for example, in charge of a disaster of massive proportions (7)

10 One is tied down by such military order (7)

14 The French circle, say, is clammy, so to speak! (7)

16 Acquired, ridiculed and lost 495 ! (7)

17 Hybrid African ranging between a few and many! (7)

18 Holder takes headstart and becomes a scourge! (5)

20 The victim of criminal conversation (7)

21 Moves casually like small bags, we hear (7)

22 Melancholy broad-brimmed hat after it is mined! (6)

25 Knock girl for a loop! (5)