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Here's a short detective farce I wrote a while ago.

Back in 2000, I wrote a novel titled In Cold Blood. Read on for reviews, and a sneak preview.

Rave Reviews for In Cold Blood

The title sums it all up really. All you need to grant is one postulate. People act in cold blood. And the rest of the story just follows, like an immensely complex web of an abstract mathematical theory computed by applying a closure on this one fundamental axiom.

Vintage courtroom drama that puts Erle Stanley Gardner to the shade

The plot has so many twists that I wouldn’t recommend it to people with semi-circular canal disorder

At last, a novel that manages to combine humor with a racy plot, while at the same time remaining an extremely intelligent and intellectually challenging piece of work

I’d love to see a movie version. Producers ought to be queueing up with their million-dollar advances for this one

-The Author

More rave reviews are welcome. Rant reviews aren't.

Click here to read the first section of Chapter One, absolutely free. Of course, I'm not giving away the plot twists here.If you would like to read the complete novel, you may contact the author by e-mail.

About the Author

What can you say about a person who loves post-modernist literature, American criminal law, film, organized crime and computer science, in no particular order? Well, to quote him, you can say that you are privileged to know him. You can also say anything else you please, so long as you are out of his earshot and he doesn’t get to hear of it.

Leonardo Ricci is the pseudonym of Prasanna Ganesan, the author of such masterpieces as “Arsenic and Anaesthesia” and “Davy Jones’ Locker”, both of which proved so popular that not one copy remains unsold today. He is credited with introducing the Corkscrew technique of narration to the world of literature, arguably the greatest innovation in this domain since stream-of-consciousness. His poetry has often been compared favourably with that of one of his idols, T.S. Eliot. He has even tried his hand at dance, but was told he ought to try using his feet too.

When he is not busy churning out critically-acclaimed bestsellers that transcend genre and manage to chill your blood, invigorate your gray cells and leave you gasping for more, while operating at an astoundingly profound allegorical level that defies the most perceptive of minds, he occupies himself by having a good time in sunny California, and also tries to gain a doctorate in computer science at Stanford University.